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right now on this special edition of "nbc bay area news," aa progress report from the 49ers on the team's new stadium in the south bay, and you might be surprised what's going on there. i'm kimberly perry live at at&t park where the magic number is 1 tonight. what that means and how the excitement is building here coming up in a live report. aulso summer may be over, bt this is when the fire season gets into high gear in the bay area. this brush fire today in the east bay is a perfect example of the danger. "nbc bay area news" starts now. good evening. i'm diane dwaier, thanks for joining us. the magic number is now 1. right now at&t park is packed
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with anxious fans as the giants tree to clench a spot in the playoffs. they're playing the san diego padres. kimberly terry joins us with the latest. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. fans tonight are confident their team will clinch that total tonight. they hope they have the golden tickets to a game to give the giants the second division title in three years if they can win tonight. the team unbeatened in its last six home games is in the second half of their series against the san diego padres. as you can imagine, there's a lot of energy and excitement in the stadium as fans cheer on the 2010 world series champions. >> it's very exciting. i've been waiting for this since spring training. 2011 was a disappointment. 2012 is going to be redemption. >> the stage was set earlier when the dodgers lost 6-0
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against cincinnati. $360 million down the drain. >> we're so excited to be here. they're going to clinch, aren't they? >> absolutely. >> reporter: fans want to see it happen. they want to celebrate tonight, and it seems the team wants to give the fans what they want. the score now 5-3 in the sixth inning. giants lead. live in san francisco, kimberly terry, "nbc bay area news." >> fingers crossed. from the giants to the niners, we have an update on the construction of the new statement in santa clara. the installation is now 25% complete. they say the entire project is about 16% complete. there's about 400 workers on site daily to make sure the stadium is ready to open for the 2014 nfl season. officials say about 70% of the club suites and luxury seats have been sold. how much is a luxury suite? anywhere from $150,000 to half a
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million. the in the east bay firefighters were feeling the heat on this first day of fall. this afternoon a brush fire started near brentwood. a strong reminder this time of year is typically the highest fire danger of the year. nbc bay area is near antioch tonight with more for us. >> reporter: we're a couple of miles away from where the fire took place, but the hillside is the same kind of terrain. crews kept this fire contained to one side of the hill, and they were able to put out the fire is short order. this started around 1:30 this afternoon near albers court outside of brentwood. crew were on the scene quickly, and it grew to 32 acres before firefighters had it under control. they were from the east contra costa fire district and cal fire assisted. they were 50 to 60 firefighters keeping it in check. this brush fire is a good
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reminder about the danger that exists with hot, dry and windy conditions. >> it escalated real quick. it shows when we have mowed grass the fire goes out better. we remind homeowners to mow their fields as low as they can. >> out here in the rural areas, the wind can change. i keep my place pretty well mowed down, but it could change and start coming this direction. so, yeah, i kept my eye on it. >> reporter: residents say along with the ground crews, one air tank r dropped fire retardants and a helicopter made a handful of water drops. crews were on the scene to make sure there were not any flare-ups of hotspots. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. live in antioch, "nbc bay area news." thank you. this first day of fall was a hot one across the east bay. actually, much more typical this time of year than the cooler weather earlier in the week.
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more on today's heat and a peek at tomorrow's as well. >> temperatures tomorrow are similar to where they were today. some of the warmest locations were in the he's in the south bay. gilroy at 95 and livermore at 94 degrees. tomorrow again we're expecting another scorcher of a day and earlier as you heard arturo mention, the brush fire out over in brentwood, tomorrow not much improved conditions. temperatures are near 90, humidity very dry and winds out of the northwest. the good news is they're light, and so if we are making plans to head out over the next course of the day, even up to this upcoming week, we're talking about increased fire danger and also very warm temperatures. so you definitely want to make sure if you're doing camping that you make sure that you use contained fires. if you are a smoker, you know the deal. we'll talk more about the forecast and what this full week of fall looks like in a little
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bit. diane, back to you. >> sounds great. now to the race for the white house. house minority leader nancy pelosi was back home in the bay area today. she made a stop at president barack obama's campaign office in san francisco and talked about the importance of winning back the house majority. she said it's crucial democrats in the state get involved and use the political power to re-elect president obama. >> we don't take anything for granted, but we know that if we do our work door to door, three by three, neighborhood by neighborhood, precinct by precinct, district by district, it is there for us to win. >> her visit comes just one day after she and dozen of democrats took to the steps of the u.s. capitol to urge republicans to stay in session and deal with unfinished business. congress went on its election break at its earliest point for decades in session for eight days. conversely the day before
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republicans called on the democratically controlled senate stay in session as well. republican presidential candidate mitt romney headed to san diego today for fund-raiser. yesterday he was in the bay area doing the very same thing. most of that money, of course, will be used for advertising in the swing states. while speaking in san diego, romney indirectly tried to clarify his position on poverty after his controversial remarks about the 47% of americans that don't pay taxes. today he called america's poverty rate a human tragedy caused by president obama's policies. >> we know how to make america work again. he doesn't. i care for all the people of this country. the fact 1 out of 6 people are in poverty is unacceptable. the fact that we have 47 million people on food stamps, 47 million. >> romney says if elected his economic plan will create 12 million new jobs in four years. although analysts have
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questioned his accounting and forecasting for that number. governor jerry brown signed a bill into law today that he says empowers women to control their own destiny. the ceremony happened outside a planned parenthood. we have more. >> reporter: today governor brown made it easier for women to get birth control in california. this new law allows registered nurses to dispense horm moneyal contraceptives that could be prescribed bay to come for, physician's assistant or mid wives. patients need to see the doctor within three years for a checkup. >> they brought out the pill in the '70s. come on. it's 2012. >> reporter: alenxandra who took the pill for ten years said it shouldn't be so hard for women to manage their fertility. holly michelle authored house
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bill 2348 but not without great opposition from california's nurs nurses association, and organization of women and catholic conference. >> given the national climate, we're thrilled that california continues to be the in the forefront of protecting women's rights. >> women have a right to control their own destiny, not with some guys in the legislature that think they know better. federal health officials warn people to avoid eating a brand of trader joe's peanut butter saying it responsible for making people sick. it's been linked to salmonella infections. 29 people have ended up sick in several stateses including here in california. the peanut butter in questn has a skew number of 97111 and should be returned for a full refund. as part of a nationwide recall it has pulled the product from the shelves and posted an
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advisory on its web page. oakland is holding a city-wide weekend of peace mark and rally to bring the community together. hundreds marched from five different locationses in the city to city hall today where they held a rally called a celebration of life. the message? say something. city leaders and event organizers urge people in the community to reach out to their neighbors, police, friends and family and speak out if they have any information about shootings or crime in their neighborhood. >> it's been going on for too long now. we're trying to try something new. we're trying to do something new and curb the violence in oakland, california. this is the starting point for all over the world. we want to stop shooting each other and start to get along with each other and figure out another way that we can do things without killing one another. >> the event was hosted by the group soldiers against violence everywhere. and still to come, "endeavor's" big move.
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why it will be weeking before it's parked at the final resting way. a bay area first for habitat for humanity. they're relying on something old to i would something new. >> we believe in honesty and giving back to the community. >> how one community is working to break down stereotypes one step at a time.
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in bangladesh today dozens were injured during protests in the capital. police clashed with hundreds of muslims angry over an anti-islamic film produced in the united states. dozens were arrested and some burned a makeshift coffin draped with an american flag. what's happening in parts of middle east makes clear how dangerous and difficult religious conflicts can be. the sikh community was part of a a man who opened fire in
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wisconsin. now today the largest sikh community in the nation got together to raise money and raise awareness. they said at the end of day, their values are american values. >> reporter: this morning more than 400 sikhs and other community members took off from starting line from the 5k fund-raiser for the sikh coalition. they educate people about who the half million american sikhs are. >> the sikh values are american values. we believe in honesty. we believe in giving back to the community. we believe in the oneness of god. we also have a strong tradition and belief in social justice. so if you actually look at american values and you look at sikh values, they're perfectly aligned. >> because of that so many bay area sikhs were shocked that a loan gunman would open fire at a sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin last month. the runners and walkers observed a moment of silence in honor of the six victims before taking off, raising about $75,000 and
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raising awareness. >> i want people to know like that it's good to support us and it's not right to shoot us. >> it's so nice because all my religion people are here, and it feels really good. >> they're all here to support the sikh, so it's nice to be here and see so many people here, too. >> we're like any other person. there's no need not to be friends with us. >> having actually seen a lot of this other than at my temple. we're reserved. >> reporter: there are about half a million sikhs living in america. many were exposed to the sikhs because of the mass shooting. while they know wearing turbans and scarfs make them easy target, they work hard to live in your religion's spirit. >> it the state of eternity optimism. if you see the kids and hear everyone, it's about the community moving forward and being inspired.
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>> kris sanchez, "nbc bay area news." business owners in san francisco's mission district brace for another night of possible vandalism. for the past two nights demonstrators have trashed several buildings about an officer-involved shooting. last night this wells fargo window was damaged. police say demonstrators through bottles and a hammer at them. tonight officers are reportedly beefing up the presence in the area. a citywide alert is in effect, which means any officer on duty tonight should ready to respond about riot gear. the shooting that sparked the protest, an undercover officer shot and injured a suspect after the man allegedly aimed a gun at the officer. habitat for humanity did something it has never done before in the bay area today. it opened a restore in san carlos. it's staffed by volunteers and offers the public gently used home improvement materials at a big discount. they can find everything from shelves to appliances and some
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high end furniture. organizers say not only does the store keep useful things out of the landfill, but the money raised helps to fund more habitat for humanity projects. >> we take in donations from the local community and resell them at 40% to 70% off the normal value at a local shop. all of those proceeds go back into building homes in hope for a family in san francisco. >> there are more than 800 habitat for humanity restores nationwide, but this is the first in the bay area. dozens of high school students in the south bay spent their saturday getting connected with nonprofit organizations. a teen volunteer fair was held at lexus stevens creek in san jose. organizers say it's the perfect opportunity for students who need to fulfill community service hours or simply give back and for agencies in need of volunteers. >> it's a win-win for everybody. the nonprofits find volunteers,
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and the kids get to -- like a o one-stop shop. they can come here. there's 50 agencies on to volunteer with, and we can find out about all the new risk opportunities that each agency has. >> dozens of organizations took part from homeless shelters and animal shelters to the discovery museum and the american cancer society. right now we want to economic in with mr. anthony slaughter on a spectacular day outside today, especially for me because i like that warm weather. >> it was beautiful. i mean, really anywhere you go we have 70s at the coast, 80s at the bay and a few 90s. 90 in fairfield and 95 in gilroy. hard to believe that fall began today, but even this evening temperatures have fallen fairly quickly. 67 in sunnyvalley, 68 in san mateo. we have an area of high pressure across the pacific, that's leaves us with this clockwise rotation and also with plenty of sunshine. in fact, really all day long we
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looked at clear conditions, even at the coast, and the same scenario will unfold for tomorrow. not a whole lot of fog at the coast, and i know that makes you happy unless, of course, you love the fog. you can head up towards bodegga bay. you'll probably see some there. 70s and 80s for the most part with a few pockets of lower 90s that we saw today. it will be a tad degree cooler tomorrow, but it will be warm across the bay area. starting off nice tomorrow at santa rosa at 51, oakland 55, and san jose at 56 degrees. tomorrow will be a perfect beach day. 79 in santa cruz, even across the south bay, 87 in san jose. morgan hill at 91 degrees. one of the warmest spots today livermore at 94. you aren't as warm tomorrow. 88 degrees and 90 the at fairfield and over near the water, san francisco not bad at all. 71 there. up in wine country, lower to middle 80s from napa over to
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santa rosa. temperatures are warm for the next three days. we cool off a bit towards tuesday, but look what happens as we come to the end of the upcoming week. we heat back up. temperatures back near 90 degrees by thursday and friday. even next weekend we look at a similar scenario unfolding with lower 90s inland and lower 70s at the bay. that increased fire danger will continue this upcoming week. if you do camping and hiking, make sure your fire gets put completely out. >> good advice. thank you, anthony. just ahead, space shuttle "endeavour's" next big adventure. we'll show you. you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. the space shuttle "endeavour" made it's next move. they lifted it from the back of 747 and attached it to a special carrier overnight. before arriving at lax yesterday, it flew over several landmarks including the golden gate bridge and the hollywood
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sign as well. nice video. it will remain in a united airlines hangar until october 12th when it's scheduled to begin a two-day journey through the city streets of l.a. museum officials plan to build a anyway air and space wing where the shuttle will be displayed vertically as if ready to launch. coming up, an update on the action at t and t park as the giants close in on another division title. we have sports coming up next. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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welcome back. you can call them baseball players or work aholiks. after playing 162 games, the best baseball team has no desire to go on vacation. they're eager to spend more time on the diamond when the real fun begins, playoff baseball. with a victory tonight, the giants playoff dream will become a reality. let's go out to at&t park.
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padres out there. a chance to clinch the west for the g-men. bottom of the second. giants lead 2-1. madison bum gartner signals to center. brandon bell is coming home. no problem there. giants up 3-1. to the top of the fourth. alonzo pops it up, sandoval is on his horse. come on, pablo. making the catch over the rail. my goodness. no one hurt. pablo raising that glove high in the air. he said i got it. number 48 looking sharp. bottom of the fourth now, two on and two out for marco scutaro. lines it to center. bell and brandon crawford score. giants have the lead right now at 7-3 in the top of the seventh. what about the green and gold. tied at 5-5, top of the 13. jonny gomes, two-run homer to left. 7-5 a's.
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they hit two more homers, but the yankees weren't done. ibanez hits a two-run shot to tie it at 9-9. bottom of the 14th, tyson lawson relieved and not going to work. nunez hits the ground ball to first. a's look in extra innings, 10-9 is the final. football now, cal at number 13 usc. first quarter, sc with the ball, silas redd gets to the end zone and red zone. 33-yard touchdown. 7-0, usc. mark barkley hooks up with lee. 11-yard td. usc leads by 14 at the break. those two would hook up again. usc goes on to get the victory, the final 27-9. moving right along, two of the san francisco 49ers, there's no way the 49ers can catch a team off-guard this season. every nfl team realizes jim
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harbaugh's guys are capable of beating anyone in the league. tomorrow the 49ers are improve to 3-0, but they have to get past the vikings. the key to the victory could be a stingy san francisco defense. >> all right. >> it appears that's going to do it diane. >> i guess so. we've had enough of you. >> that's enough. i tell you what, when the giants win tonight, switch it over to comcast sports net bay area, in depth interviews from the clubhouse. >> you got it. thanks, henry. bye-bye.
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